About Us

Here at SWEC, we are not just another private surgical practice but a dedicated learning and research facility as well. This means that the benefits of the pioneering efforts of our surgeons are actively contributing to the advancement of practical medical science for women world wide, ensuring the very highest standard of care and assistance for our patients.

The centre was founded and is directed by Dr Gregory M Cario MBBS FRANZCOG, Dr Mark Carlton MBBS BScAg FRCOG FRANZCOG and Professor Michael Chapman MB BS MD FRCOG FRANZCOG. Together these doctors created a department of Women’s surgery as well as a programme by which gynaecologists could complete a 2-year fellowship in laparoscopic surgery This means that surgeons and doctors from around Australia and abroad, with varying expertise, can come to practice with the best at SWEC.

A current list of practicing surgeons at SWEC can be found on the Our Doctors page.

Our Fellowship Program

The fellowship program has been running since 1995 and encourages fellows to participate in all aspects of the course including teaching and research. In particular, fellows are constantly researching and evaluating surgical techniques in an effort to continuously improve methods and benefits of Laparoscopic surgery.

Due to the contribution of our surgeons and Fellows, SWEC is one of Australia’s leading research units in the field of gynaecological surgery

Our Training Facilities

SWEC also hosts regular training workshops in advanced gynaecological endosurgery. Workshops are attended by doctors from overseas as well as from within Australia. Since their inception in 1996 over 40 specialist doctors have been trained in laparoscopic techniques and more than 450 participants have attended.

Our faculty members are regularly invited as special guest speakers and surgical demonstrators at both
national and international endoscopic meetings and conferences.

Our Sponsors

In recognition of its pivotal role as a training and research centre, the unit has been supported by the following companies:

St George Private Hospital:

St George Private Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Ramsay Healthcare organization which is a leader in healthcare provision in Australia . Through a program of advancing the surgical techniques employed in the group’s hospitals, Ramsay has encouraged SWEC surgeons to develop and refine their skills to a point where they are the envy of the healthcare sector. This has been a major initiative in relation to risk management and has helped medical advisory committees with accreditation for advanced laparoscopic procedures in gynaecology.


Johnson & Johnson Medical:

This company are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of laparoscopic surgical equipment. SWEC has had a long and fruitful relationship with Johnson & Johnson Medical and is proud to acknowledge this. Johnson and Johnson’s reputation for research and development as well as assisting surgeons to undertake advanced training in laparoscopy makes its continuing support for SWEC and women’s health in general essential to our organization.