Carlton – SWEC Knot Pusher

Sydney Women’s Endosurgery Centre in association with Dr Mark Carlton have designed the first laparoscopic knot pusher suitable for tying and securing both INTRA and EXTRA-CORPOREAL knots.

The unique design of this innovative knot pusher allows the suture to remain in contact with the pusher and to retain the suture when securing both ante-grade slip knots and standard surgical knots, whether tied intra or extra-corporeally.

– Re-usable
– Ease of sterilisation
– 4mm diameter
– 45cm long
– Rounded and beveled pushing surfaces to prevent suture cutting and degradation
– Suitable for monofilament and braided sutures
– Most suture diameters
– Can also be used at open and vaginal surgery

Price – AUS$880
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Carlton Knot Pusher