Female sterilization

Other female sterilization options:

Tubal Ligation:

What is involved?

Laparoscopic or keyhole surgeons have been performing tubal ligation for many years. A small incision is made in the umbilicus (navel) and another 0.5cm incision in the lower abdomen. This allows access to the fallopian tubes where two small plastic and titanium clips are placed across the tube. The entire procedure takes 20 minutes and is performed under general anaesthesia as a day surgery case.

Post-operatively there is some abdominal discomfort for up to a week however you should be able to return to normal activities within 2 days.

Tubal ligation is highly effective and will have no effect on the menstrual cycle. There are a few occasions where menstrual periods will become heavier however this is merely due to the fact that the woman will have stopped taking the contraceptive pill (which generally lightens menstrual flow) following her procedure.

The failure (pregnancy) rate is quoted as 1:300 – 1: 500.

Essure Sterilization:

Since 2000, the essure sterilization ( www.Conceptus.com) procedure has been performed worldwide. Unlike the tubal ligation, no incisions are required. By using a tiny camera inserted through the neck of the womb (through the cervix), 2 microcoils of a nickel-titanium alloy are inserted into the openings of the fallopian tubes. Over the next 3 months these coils cause a growth of smooth muscle and fibrous tissue across 2cm of the tube thus causing sterilization. So far, no pregnancies have been reported when microcoils have been placed correctly.

The major advantage of the essure procedure is the low level of discomfort. Most women will experience a mild period-like pain for one day and return to full normal activities, including work, within 24 hours. It can be performed awake if desired or under a very quick (5 minutes) general anaesthetic.

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